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The Very Important First Step 

Pre-approval on your mortgage loan is the most important step in getting the home of your dreams.

Buyers can get in a hurry to shop for a home and forget the most important aspect of home buying - financing. It can be devastating for a buyer to find the home of their dreams only to discover they can't qualify for the mortgage. As a smart buyer, your first step is to get your mortgage loan approved before you go shopping for a home.

  • Pre-approval removes sellers' doubts - An approved mortgage is like money in your pocket!
  • Pre-approval removes your doubt - A pre-approved loan tells you exactly how much you can afford. It reduces your home-buying anxiety.
  • Pre-approval gives you better positioning in the negotiation process - Smart buyers do whatever is necessary to position themselves at the top in negotiations. That's where I want my buyers to be.
  • Pre-approval saves you time - No more waiting several weeks after your offer is accepted to find out whether you can get your loan.

That sounds great! How can I get pre-approved?
Getting approved for a mortgage loan is easy! First, we can make an appointment with a lender who will give you the best loan available to meet your needs. Next, you must gather the paperwork required by the lender to begin your loan process:

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  • Social security card and driver's license
  • Residence address - past two years (landlord address, if applicable)
  • Names and addresses of each employer - past 2 years
  • Gross monthly salary
  • Names, addresses, account numbers and balances for checking and savings account
  • 3 months of bank statements
  • Names, addresses, account numbers, balances and monthly payments on all open loans
  • Addresses of other real estate owned, and loan information
  • Certificate of eligibility or DD214's (VA only)
  • Year-to-date pay stub and 2 years W-2's
  • Tax returns, if self-employed

The application process takes less than one hour of your time.

Total loan approval occurs within five to ten days from application.

Most times you will be totally approved for the maximum amount you can afford, and be out shopping for homes in about two weeks. It's like cash in your pocket!

Need some more information on pre-approval? I'm here to help!

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